General links

Welcome to my new website… after a number of years of stagnancy (not to mention that whole global pandemic thing) it seemed like a good idea to freshen things up.

This site will mostly be used for information on my theatre and film casting work. Past production archives, upcoming auditions, and information on teaching activities will be posted here on a regular basis.

I wear a few other hats, so here are some links:


I’ve been pursuing family history research since I was 8 years old, and have been working as a professional genealogist for several years. is my genealogy site, where I publish sporadic blogs and occasionally post research. I give a number of talks each years (in person and via webinar) and DigiRoots also includes my speaking calendar.



I’ve been collecting vintage postcards for a number of years and am an active member of the Metropolitan Postcard Club and the Garden State Postcard Club. In recent years I’ve also become a dealer, and sell on eBay and sometimes at shows within the tri-state area. My primary collection is of Paterson, New Jersey. At over 5,000 cards and hundreds of original historic photographs, Victorian trade hards, books and other ephemera, I believe I have one of the world’s biggest Paterson collections. I’m always happy to speak with other collectors – feel free to send me want-lists and I’ll keep an eye out.