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As a leading expert on the musical theatre repertoire and audition technique, Michael Cassara offers his students his unique vantage point as a casting director and director, but also personally attacks each student’s “book”, helping them find the new material that will lead to booking their next job.

Chances are there are some songs in your audition repertoire that you’ve been doing for a while. Let’s face it, they might be getting a little dusty… maybe even stale. So, let’s fix that. This is an audition class, but its focus is much more extensive. Michael Cassara offers his students a tremendous opportunity to find new material while going through their current rep and figuring out what works and what should be pitched. By offering a new understanding of the industry and the casting process, students leave empowered and ready to go out and book their next job.


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Suzanna Neeley Bridges

(recent credits include the national tours of Les Miserables and The Full Monty

Michael’s class was by far the most helpful audition technique class I have ever taken. When I went to NYU, the training focused on exploring my potential and stretching me as a performer, but I left without a clear idea of my specific place in the theatre world itself. Michael really takes time with each person to help them figure out where they are going and what steps they can take to get there. He’s also incredibly honest and practical; if a song isn’t working for you he’ll let you know right off the bat, and then he’ll help you find a song that does work for you. He obviously loves teaching and cares about every person’s success, and he keeps the class small enough to give everyone the time they deserve. I came away from the class with two really great new songs, much stronger confidence in the audition room, and above all a renewed love and respect for the theatre community and my place in it.



Jonathan Parks-Ramage

After graduating from the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) I moved to New York. Although school had given me the necessary basics I needed to start my career in New York, I still felt the need to further hone my craft. Michael Cassara’s class helped me to discover what my “type” was and where I fit into the world of New York musical theater. His extensive knowledge of the musical theater repertoire enabled him to make informed and helpful suggestions in reshaping my book. In addition to finding new material, his class also helped me with auditioning. The masterclass setting gave me the opportunity to perform each week and receive feedback. Michael’s experience in casting and directing give him particular insight into the art of auditioning. The rotating roster of musical directors that accompany the class each week provides a wealth of networking opportunities. Michael covers all the bases in a way that is engaging, fun and helful. Take this class!



Laura Pavell

Michael Cassara’s class is a great opportunity for anyone looking to get more comfortable auditioning in the music theatre world (AKA Everyone in NYC.) Michael’s knowledge of appropriate music theatre rep for your personality is spot on. In four short weeks, I found some great songs to fill those irritating “What Do I Sing?” gaps in my book.I found Michael’s honesty completely refreshing and not just because he furthered my own belief that I am indeed pretty awesome. Michael boosts your confidence while offering useful feedback that lets you know just where you stand from a casting perspective. I would encourage anyone interested in furthering their music theatre audition technique to take this class.