College and University Master Classes and Workshops

As a leading performing arts educator, Michael Cassara regularly teaches at many of the top universities and training programs worldwide.  Classes and workshops are custom-fit to the needs of each individual program/group of students, but some topics include:

  • + musical theatre audition techniques
  • + advanced song repertoire
  • + “the business” of the business
  • + showcase preparation
  • + do’s and don’t’s
  • + how to get an agent
  • + musical theatre history

If you’d like to speak further, feel free to call the office of Michael Cassara Casting at (212) 564-6700, or you may fill out this form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.
In addition to on-campus visits and workshops, Michael is often available to work with groups of students while they are in the New York City area. Please fill out the form below for further information:


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David H. Bell
Associate Professor, Northwestern University

“Michael afforded my Northwestern University students the honor of performing for him and he evaluated their work with insight, inspiration and great sensitivity.  There was a genuine understanding of the young performer’s needs —  both as an artist and as  a young professional about to enter a difficult and demanding profession.  Michael’s time with our students was an invaluable gift and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Meg Bussert

Master Teacher, NYU Steinhardt School of Education, Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions
“Michael has an honest, enthusiastic approach to his teaching tempered with a gentle understanding of the young artist’s predicament. In mock auditions, his comments to young performers are cogent, clear and absolutely non-threatening. His candid references to his own survival strategies are amusingly put and are effective “de-stressors.”  He brings an authenticity and integrity that my students recognize and appreciate.” 

Terri Kent
Associate Professor, Head of Acting/Musical Theatre, Kent State University

“Michael Cassara presented practical advice coupled with keen insight and always with humor.  In a few hours he transformed the students.  As a result, our New York showcase was the strongest it has ever been.”


Randy Redd
Faculty, CAP21
“Students are hungry for feedback from industry professionals in all areas – casting, representation, acting, song choice, vocal performance and image.  Working closely with established as well as up-and-coming Broadway composers, lyricists, directors and choreographers, Michael Cassara shares the knowledge and experiences that give young actors the advantage they need as they train, audition, rehearse and perform.”

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