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Stagelighter.com: Work with Michael and top Broadway pros!

For the last few months I’ve been working as one of the inaugural coaches on Stagelighter.com – a brilliant new website that allows performers to receive detailed feedback from top industry pros (including Tony-winning actors, directors, music directors, agents, casting directors, and more!) regardless of their geographic location. 

Since Stagelighter’s official launch, I’ve gotten to work with performers in their early teens and professionals in their 30s – some from as far away as California and the United Kingdom, and some from right here in New York City.  Each of them has uploaded video footage of their work (either a song or monologue) and I’ve been able to respond with detailed feedback, also in a video format.  This site is also invaluable for the high school aged performer looking to prepare for his or her college auditions: the coaching team includes some of the finest musical theatre educators in the business today, including my good friends and colleagues Mark Madama (University of Michigan), Mana Allen (from CAP21), and Cathy McNeela (Elon University) and many more!  In addition to college educators, the coaches on the site feature the best of the best from Broadway and beyond!

I encourage all performers to check out the site and give it a try.  At the moment, they’re offering an unbelievable special: if you submit your video materials on one-day-only, December 8th, your coaching from Jonathan Flom (Shenandoah Conservatory) will cost only $1!  If that’s not incentive to give the site a try, I don’t know what will be!

Here’s a little video from me, explaining a bit more about how Stagelighter works:


I should be abundantly clear: these are NOT (in any way, shape or form) “paid auditions.”  I am on this site as an educator who has over a decade of experience casting musicals, plays, and films.  My professional duties have given me an incredible frame of reference for what works and what doesn’t work in auditions – and I’m excited by the opportunity to share that in the form of detailed video feedback.  So far the response has been incredible, and I really look forward to working with performers through this incredible medium for many years to come.  (If you’re interested in coaching with me, you can view my coaching profile here – create an account, upload some footage and we’ll be in business!)


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