333 W. 39th Street – Suite #800, New York, NY 10018 // (212) 564-6700 //


National Asian Artists Project, Inc.
Performances will take place at The Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre at the Pershing Square Signature Center (W. 42nd Street)

AEA/Theatre Authority Agreement
(40 hours of rehearsal)
$225 total project stipend

  • Book/Music/Lyrics: Lionel Bart
  • Director: Steven Eng
  • Choreographer: Baayork Lee
  • Music Director: Kevin Farrell
  • Producer: National Asian Artists Project, Inc. (naaproject.org)
  • Artistic Director: Baayork Lee
  • Casting Director: Michael Cassara, CSA


1st rehearsal: Monday 5/19


4 performances: 6/5-6/7 (Saturday has a 2:00p & 7:30p performance)




[OLIVER TWIST] Asian.  9 to 13. A remarkably sincere and naive workhouse boy. Small for his age, strong singer boy soprano.  Unchanged voice.


[THE ARTFUL DODGER] Asian, 15. The cleverest and most charming of Fagin’s pickpockets. Talks and dresses like a grown man although he is undersized, cockney accent. (Seeking submissions of both child actors and 18+ to play 15.) Bari-tenor.


[MR. BUMBLE] Asian, 40 – 50s. The pompous, self-important beadle. More concerned about his status than the paupers under his care. Bari-tenor.


[MR. SOWERBERRY] Asian, 40-50. The mild-mannered undertaker who is bossed around by his wife. Will also play ensemble. Baritone. 


[DR. GRIMWIG] Asian, 40s-50s. A doctor not good at making diagnoses. Will also play ensemble.


[NOAH CLAYPOLE] Asian, 18+ to play 16. The Undertaker’s know-it-all apprentice. Will also play ensemble.


[MR. BROWNLOW] Asian, 50+. A well-off, compassionate, sensible, gentleman who turns out to be Oliver’s grandfather. Will also play ensemble.


[NANCY] Asian, 30. An abused career thief, whore and former child pickpocket, tough but maternal. Excellent singer, Alto.


[WIDOW CORNEY] Asian, 40 – 50s. The matron of the workhouse. Callous and domineering, but will cry when desperate. Soprano/Alto.


[BET] Asian, 18+ to play 16. Formerly one of Fagin’s child pickpockets, idolizes Nancy. Will also play ensemble. Alto. 


[MRS. SOWERBERRY] Asian, 40 – 50. Mean, judgmental, henpecks her husband. Will also play ensemble. Soprano/Alto.  


[CHARLOTTE SOWERBERRY] Asian, 18+ to play 16. The Sowerberry’s flirtatious sluttish daughter. Will also play ensemble.


[ADULT MALE ENSEMBLE] Asian men – characters include Policeman, Knife Grinder, Chairman, etc. Seeking strong singers  with excellent dance skills.


[ADULT FEMALE ENSEMBLE] Asian women – characters include Strawberry Seller, townsperson, etc. Seeking strong singers with excellent dance skills.