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We are holding an OPEN audition day for (Equity and non-Equity) performers for National Asian Artists Project and its upcoming DISCOVER: New Musicals performances.

PLEASE NOTE: full breakdowns follow below (scroll down) – all characters in these presentations are Asian.

Our Open Audition Day is set for Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 taking place between 10 AM and 1:30 PM in midtown Manhattan.  To attend, please CAREFULLY follow these instructions:


Step 1.) Register for our Electronic Audition Registration System (or retrieve your login information if you have previously used our system.)  

Step 2.) Audition registration is NOW OPEN.  Visit http://audition.michaelcassara.net – click on the DISCOVER: NEW MUSICALS event and you’ll be able to secure your time.  Or you can go directly to: http://audition.michaelcassara.net/events/view/id/74

Step 3.) Upon successful registration, you will be e-mailed a confirmation and instructions.  It will also appear on the website; we encourage you to print or save these instructions, in case your e-mail is somehow lost in the shuffle.



We are presently seeking performers of all ages and types – however, please know that ALL CHARACTERS ARE ASIAN.  Additionally, while scheduling logistics are presently being worked out – these pieces will each have one performance (under the AEA Showcase Code), on Monday evening, December 12th – and will rehearse starting on/after 11/29.  Please only audition if you are generally available during this timeframe.


A few notes:

  • We’re trying to see as many people as possible in a short period of time: please limit your cuts to 16-32 bars or thereabouts.
  • Our Facebook page will  have the latest updates and information as things progress.  We anticipate smooth-sailing, but appreciate your patience and understanding should we hit any bumps along the way.



AEA Showcase Code – Approval Pending (all roles open to AEA and non-AEA performers) – all performers will receive a small honorarium (travel stipend)

First rehearsal: on/about 11/29

Performance: Monday, 12/12



by John Herin (book/lyrics) and Frederick Alden Terry (music)

directed by Raul Aranas


[JULIE] Asian, early 30s , soprano, recently divorced. The actor should have strong acting range, including a good sense of irony.



by Jason Purdy (book/lyrics) and Yan Li (music)
directed by Cassey Kivnick


**with exception of NURSE, all characters are elderly residents of a rest home, but can be played by performers of any age (18+)
[CURTIS] Asian, Female, mezzo or soprano with good belt; Best friend of BALTHAZAR, voice of reason, nervous but adventurous, has lived a happy life but never seen anything beyond her home town.
[BALTHAZAR] Asian, Male, tenor; Best friend of CURTIS, rebellious, adventurous, worked whole life as a photojournalist, traveled the world and now misses it.
[NURSE] Asian, Female, alto or mezzo with good belt; Well-meaning rest home nurse, pragmatic, feet on the ground (not Nurse Ratched); Becomes dynamic, terrifying super villain in fantasy.
[ENSEMBLE] – SATB preferably, to play other rest home residents and other fantasy characters:
GAIL – Asian Female
LORNA – Asian Female
FRED – Asian Male
SHERMAN – Asian Male



by Kathleen Wrinn (book/lyrics) and Minhui Lee (music)
directed by Nina Zoie Lam


[MALCOLM] Asian, (Tenor, C3-A4, 27 for one more day) A musician who has never performed for an audience. A bit shy and uncomfortable in his own skin, Malcolm is still in the process of figuring out who he is and what he wants out of his life. Or if he wants it at all.
[DR. J] Asian, (Baritone, Bb2-D4, in his 50s) A businessman who can’t take people’s money. Dr. J is a second-generation falafel cart owner with a chip on his shoulder. His late father always said he would amount to nothing, and Dr. J is starting to fear he may have been right. Dr. J is a warm, caring man who is great at giving advice to anyone except himself.
[SISTER SOPHIA] Asian, (Mezzo, G3-D5, in her 30s) A nun who believes in people. A bit rough around the edges for a woman of the cloth, Sister Sophia had entirely written off the human race before she met Dr. J. Her own brush with hopelessness and despair has given her the rare gift of being able to detect it in others. Sophia is a straight-shooter who is loving her new calling as a nun (despite the fact that she’s an atheist).



by Lauren Taslitz (book/lyrics) and Emily Chiu (music/lyrics)
directed by Steven Eng


[COSABELLA] Asian, (20s) – Alto. A princess. Guileless. Playful. Capable of seeing what is.
[ROY] Asian, (20s) – Tenor. A prince. Sincere and innocent. Romantic.
[KING COSA-BELLICOSE / ENSEMBLE] Asian, (40s) – Tenor or Baritone. Stern. Unmoving.
[KING ROY, SR. / ENSEMBLE] Asian, (40s) – Tenor or Baritone. A softie.
[MAGPIE / ENSEMBLE] Asian, (20s-40s) – Soprano or Alto. The storyteller. Parental. Kind but authoritative.
[ENSEMBLE] – Asian, (diverse ages). Two of each voice type (SATB), to include the KINGS and MAGPIE.